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Signal Detection Range

I tried this product out in my house and it worked! It went off near the cameras and would not go off in the rooms without cameras. Very consistent. It is small and lightweight, perfect for travel!


My family has a couple of long vacations planned at AirBnb and hotels this summer and I've grown increasingly nervous about hidden cameras recording us unknowingly. So I bought this gadget and I'm happy with it.


I travel frequently and have had concerns about who else may be in my room. This little gadget does bring some comfort in knowing that I have at least scanned the room. It's a good product to have if you have security concerns when traveling.

Nick Masi

See What They Don't Want You To

SpyScout™ is highly effective at detecting a wide range of wireless cameras, including those that may be hidden inside everyday objects such as clocks, picture frames, and smoke detectors. It can also detect cameras that are located up to 10 meters away, making it ideal for use in larger spaces.

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Find the unseen, stay secure with SpyScout™.


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